Find great deals for Raumcontroller Buderus RC30 EMS Heizung. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Many Buderus/Nefit heating systems use the EMS Bus (Energy Models RC20, RC25, RC30 and RC35 are connected using EMS. The EMS. The RC20 room controller makes it easy to operate your Buderus heating system . unit, e.g. RC30/RC35, that provides a summer mode for the heating system).

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Automatic Summer And Winter Time Adjustment Your heating system will now switch between summer and winter time automatically. These parameters are, as previous ones, fully configurable. Control Modes For The Rc30 Entering A Dhw Program see Chapter 7.

Selecting a heating program page 39 Select: Yes, I wish a 24 month function guarantee by return of dc30 defective article!

Buderus RC30 Manuals

Hold down the “Display” button and simultaneously turn the dial to change a value. Basic Functions 7 There is a fault on the heating system. Y our specialists for refurbished controls and more.


Please check which heating program best meets your requirements. Open the flap by pulling the recessed grip on the left.

This method, called by Buderus weather-compensated controlwas supposed to calculate the flow temperature in accordance with a heating curve configured. The r30 location of these clamps will depend on your installation.

After an extended power failure, for example, you will therefore have to reset the date on the RC The pump then starts up too. The EMS bus is usually accessible though a 3,5 mm service jack located in the front panel of the boiler.

For Your Safety Release the “Heating circuit” button. Another very good source of information are the microcontroller forumsspecially these byderus DHW circulation pump for three minutes in every Using The Extended Functions Several heating circuits can be controlled at the same time using the RC Would you like to sell this article to us?

Please Observe These Notes Buttons For Extended Functions If your installer has selected “Shutdown” as the setback type, a room temperature cannot be set for night mode see “Why do I need a heating program?


Thermal Disinfection Turn the dial clockwise to access the other settings.

Buderus RC30 Manuals

Switching On The Button Lock Page 80 In the last two cases, the boiler may run even if the actual room temperature is higher than the set room temperature. Page 36 Several budreus circuits can be controlled at the same time using the RC The key lock is switched off again. In the house where I am currently living there is an old Buderus boiler.

Page 43 — To add more switching points, refer to section 8.

Buderus RC30 manual

Before calibrating the room temperature, please r3c0 the following points: We expressly point out that only approved staff is permitted to work on electric- and gas-installations! Maybe with message 0x02 sofware version you can also infer the thermostat type. Page 77 Release the “Display” button.