Clytia hemisphaerica, a member of the early-branching animal phylum Cnidaria, is emerging rapidly as an experimental model for studies in developmental. Full Name, Clytia hemisphaerica. Genus, Clytia. Species, hemisphaerica. Common Name, Jellyfish. Abbreviation, C. hemisphaerica. Trends Genet. Apr;26(4) doi: / Clytia hemisphaerica: a jellyfish cousin joins the laboratory. Houliston E(1), Momose T, .

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Thaumantias punctata Forbes, synonym.

Centre national de ressources biologiques marines

Agassiz, possible synonym. Other studies are dedicated to the origin of germ cell precursors and those of the somatic cells of cyltia it is also a model for the regeneration of gonads. Medusa hemisphaerica Linnaeus, Cnidarians have four classes, including the hydrozoan group to which Clytia belongs. Copyright Elsevier Ltd. North-West European thecate hydroids and their Medusae.

World distribution Near- cosmopolitan in coastal waters but difficulties of identification in this genus make nearly all records suspect.

Nematocysts in the Phialidium medusae of Clytia hemisphaerica Hydrozoa, Campanulariidae studied by light and scanning electron microscopy. Campanularia brachycaulis Stechow, synonym. Reproduction of clonal colonies: Thaumantias achroa Cobbold, synonym. Clytia inconspicua Forbes, synonym. Clytia hemisphaerica species group: They drift until they reach their goal: Mouth with four short lips. With a full genome sequence soon to become available, and a clear potential for genetic approaches, Clytia is well placed to provide invaluable information on core mechanisms in cell and developmental biology, and on the evolution of key features of animal body plans.


Clytia gigantea Hincks, synonym. Still, it seems that either this species or its close siblings have an enormous geographical range. Fertilization and division of hemisphaetica egg in Clytia. Campanularia gigantea Hincks, synonym.

Clytia | Chroniques du Plancton

Het Zeepaard, 61 2: Campanularia hemisphaerica Linnaeus, unaccepted combination. For further info about Clytia hemisphaericayou can also look up this species under: Distribution in the North Sea Both hydroid and medusa are among the commonest leptolids throughout; occurs also in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and Baltic.

Clytia hemisphaerica Linnaeus, Scientific synonyms and common names Medusa hemispaerica Linnaeus, Phialidium hemisphaericum Linnaeus, Campanularia johnstoni Alder, Many other synonyms. Anthomedusae, Leptomedusae, Limnomedusae, Trachymedusae, and Narcomedusae. Mutant strains of Clytia for genes involved in the regulation of embryogenesis are in progress.

They live in colonies of polyps, feeding themselves by hemisphaeruca small shrimp or other prey with their stinging tentacules.

Clytia has proved well suited to laboratory culture and to gene function analysis during early development.

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Recorded several times rafting on fish and on their crustacean ectoparasites. Clytia compressa Totton, possible clytiq. Prev All episodes Next. Size Bell diameter typically up to ca 20 mm but 1arger specimens sometimes occur, C.

Given its life cycle, this organism is a perfect model organism for the study of the evolutionary mechanisms behind the diversification of life cycles. Hydroids and medusae of the family Campanulariidae recorded hemisphaeriica the eastern North Atlantic, with a World synopsis of genera. Thaumantias lineata Forbes, synonym.

Campanularia acuta Stechow, synonym. Eucope affinis Gegenbaur, synonym.