Como Escuchar La Musica: Aaron Copland: Books – Amazon. ca. Encuentra What To Listen For In Music (Signet Classics) de Aaron Copland ( ISBN: ) en Amazon. Envíos gratis a Como escuchar la musica . Whether you listen to Mozart or Duke Ellington, Aaron Copland’s provocative “Cómo escuchar la música” de Aaron Copland nos enseña a apreciar esos.

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I’m sure you won’t regret it! The “dissonance” of modern music lies in our unfamiliar ears, and is not mksica very different from the dissonance of earlier innovative music in the ears of its own contemporary audience. In his book, Copland mentions many examples of pieces to make his point, and I guess one has to be familiar with those works in order to get it.

It is really inspiring to put yourself in a composer’s shoes and go through the steps of creating a new work of art! But there isn’t that much that I have found about the music itself which really helps me understand what is going on in a particular piece.

Como Escuchar La Musica

Knowledge enhances passion, as I try rather vainly to persuade my students about poetry. Starts getting into modern and contemporary music, though it’s not fully updated. If you’re not a musician, you might need a little bit of help understanding some of the more complicated concepts, but don’t be afraid to ask A very good book for both musicians and non musicians! Perhaps some of the discussion on harmony might be a little confusing, but if one takes it slowly, it is not difficult.

His most important works during this period were based on American folk lore including “Billy the Kid” and “Rodeo” Sectional, Variation, Fugal, Sonata and Free, tracing as he does so the historical development of some classical styles.

He did this by providing an outline of the most common musical forms and variations, and what their purposes were. For the better part of four decades Aaron Copland was considered the premier American composer. It is well-structured and clear, and it doesn’t waste words. Detalles del producto Libro de bolsillo: My library Help Advanced Book Search. It has also reinforced my interest in the period when so much happened artistically that we still seem to be processing.

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Most people only hear one level of music when just listening to it, but as Aaron Copland explains in his book there are actually three. A great symphony is a man-made Mississippi down which we irresistibly flow from the instant of our leave-taking to a long foreseen destination.

Algunas de sus reflexiones invitan al debate, y eso ha sido lo mejor de ir haciendo una lectura conjunta con mis alumnos. You can often learn a bit about a composer’s personality by listening to his works, but hearing him give a discourse on the subject was invaluable in appreciating his pieces more.

Highly recommended as a first read for the concert-goer, musixa enthusiast, the b Standard issue for Freshman majors or it least it was once cimo a time “What to Listen for He died in The meaning is the same as copland argues the one is merely listening to the music that is presented to them and not hearing the beauty and the layers of it.

Short passages of score illustrate the point made. Along with his compositions which are still being performed, this b Aaron Copland stands as one of the giants of American composers. This is a wonderful introduction to “classical” music by the American composer Aaron Copland. Feb 19, Matteo rated it liked it. Though that “something” is necessarily general, like an emotion, it matters as what the composer wishes to communicate to his listeners.

Broken Music Michael Glasmeier. Is It Still Good to Ya? Also, I appreciated his moralizing about putting effort into music listening.

Throughout his discussion, he manages to present many useful tips that help the reader to better concentrate on what is qaron on any piece. It doesn’t get too much into the history and times of the composers, which many books on classical music tend to. This is a TERRIFIC book about music for music laypeople — those of us who love music but don’t know much about it, who want to learn more in order to enjoy it more. Whether you listen to Mozart or Duke Ellington, Aaron Copland’s provocative suggestions for listening to music from his point of view will bring you a deeper appreciation of the most rewarding of all art forms.

I highly recommend this book to better learn about appreciating music from the humble words of a great composer who is caring enough to make his reading enjoyable.


Guitar Basics James Longworth. This book made me realize the importance of tone color, and the basic percussion writing of Northern and Western composers, when compared to the likes of Cuban and other cultures. Whether you listen to Mozart or Duke Ellington, Aaron Copland’s provocative suggestions for li In this fascinating analysis of how to listen to music intelligently, Aaron Copland raises two basic questions: During his ninety years, he made major contributions to the coplanr American style of classical music, producing such ballets as Billy the KidRodeo and Appalachian Springas well as the perennially fscuchar and also distinctly American Fanfare for the Common Man.

Its kinda like when your parent would tell you that you are hearing them but not listening to them.

Copland begins with an explanation of what music is and how it functions, moves to instruments, then to forms, adds an apologist chapter for contemporary music, and finishes with a chapter of what it means to be a good listener and the very significant role listeners play in the participation of the music creation. Todos los derechos reservados. He does not lose a layman in technical jargon, music notation, or advanced music theory. In this book first written in the s, Copland distinguishes between listening on a sensuous plane mere enjoyment of the quality of sound and on expressive and sheerly musical planes.

Most will find something to chew on here, as Copland explores the elements of tone, harmony, texture, and rhythm that make up eschchar music. Goodreads helps you keep xopland of books you want to read. Productos que has visto recientemente y recomendaciones destacadas. This will help you in the long run, rather than simply supplying an answer to xaron single question about a page number.

Como Escuchar La Musica : Aaron Copland :

Sep 23, Jana Light rated it really liked it Shelves: As a book for the layperson, I think it’s wonderful. Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. Fine one, will use some ot very direct and explicit remarks of Mr.