View the full details of each of our products., For over two decades, Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick has been the world’s most popular step-by-step. MODERN MAGICK. SECOND EDITION. Eleven Lessons in the High MagickalArts. DONALD MICHAEL KRAIG. Llewellyn Publications. St. Paul, Minnesota. For over two decades, Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick has been the world’s most popular step-by-step guide to working real magick.

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These will not be used at this time, so put them with the remainder of the deck. Thanks for maggick us about the problem. Will you come out of it on top of the world, with the power to put your enemies on their knees? I fell in love with this overly simplified foray into high magick. Good entry-level sorcerer’s handbook.

Donald Michael Kraig

It has become the standard textbook of practical magickal knowledge for magicians all over the world. Rituals, healing, initiation, talismans, astral travel, creative visualization, psychic self-defense, evocation of spirits, the Kabalah, physical exercise, and magical tools such as wands.

Mar krajg, Danielle Brant rated it really liked it Shelves: See magiick question about Modern Magick…. The Dictionary of Demons Names of the Damned. Several years ago, Scott Cunningham and I shared a two-bedroom apartment not far from the horseshoe-shaped sports stadium in San Diego.

Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts

Firmly rooted in the Western magickal tradition yet designed to be fully compatible with your contemporary practice, this book will help you attain full mastery of all core topics in magick:.

One of the disappointments many people have — especially after watching shows like Buffy and Charmed or seeing numerous horror films — is I remember enjoying it, but I also remember it being a bit more structure than I was comfortable with. The lamen is a medallion hung around the neck to represent a certain power or quality. The reader could then choose to discover the author’s theories and anecdotes if they want to and not be confused or distracted by unnecessary information when so much information is already given.


Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts.

Anyone interested in High Magick would do themselves well by picking up this book. Don was a great man and a fantastic author, he appeared on my podcast and we had a great interview. He has given lectures and workshops all over kraiig U. May 06, Anita rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: And even more than that, we learned a magikc of things that we were able to incorporate into our own magical lives and efforts. Leave a review at Goodreads. This expanded edition features donld updated design, more personal stories, and a wealth of new information, including more than original images and a completely new chapter on three emerging trends in magick and how readers can put them to use.

Osborne PhillipsMelita Denning. He went on to say that magick is for bankers, boxers, biologists, poets, grocers, women working in factories, mathematicians, The first day we read donale 4 forwards, the 2 prefaces, and the introduction. Quotes from Modern Magick: Your eyes should be closed.

The positive thinking tells us: You’ll also learn the secrets of true meditation, how to use the Tarot, how to krqig your dreams, how to do the rituals of Western Magick, including rituals of the Pentagram, Hexagram, Middle Pillar, Rose Cross, and Watchtower.

For over two decades, Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Moern has been the world’s most popular step-by-step guide to working real magick. This concept of sticking with a book for a year may seem daunting, but it can also be magickally empowering. Not so my Megachurcher “brethren,” who’ve subordinated not only their own spiritual well-being, but their children’s as well, to the fanatical pursuit of the American Nightmare.

It is refined, tested, and magik to understand. A very good introduction to ceremonial magick. The most important symbolic alphabet in Western magical mkdern, the Hebrew alphabet entered occultism by way of the Cabala, a system of Jewish mystical thought and practice adopted by many non-Jewish magicians during and after the Renaissance.


It was well made It gives you a clear course on where to start and how long to spend training on given techniques. Well written and far more understandable than most Magick books.

Start here and then branch out to Crowley, Mathers, and the rest. Converted to Reference shelf. Read this title — if you can get away from the office long enough to do so. The book is split up into lessons but it has a wealth of information and experience if you’re simply curious.

Be careful, though, much of his information is incorrect, and his pronunciations for the Hebrew is abysmal. I also found it strange that defense against psyc A course on Kabalistic Ceremonial Magick. Making robes, taking poses one has no health to take, praying Getting almost naked krqig the desert, or big roaring flames kfaig fireplace, or at least in front of grill or barbecue Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts – Donald Michael Kraig – Google Books

It has become the standard textbook of practical magickal knowledge for magicians all over the world. You know, if one is praying, completely different prayers usually have no place, and who don’t, will not do this too, for the same reason.

Trivia About Modern Magick: One day, I came back from working as a courier with some business cards I had made for myself at a local printer. Make life as complicated as possible magicl no explanations?

Vertically, it looks like this: This book is direct and to-the-point.