ENCOUNTERS WITH THE ARCHDRUID III-A RIVER. By John McPhee · April 3, P. The New Yorker, April 3, P. PROFILE of. Encounters with the Archdruid has ratings and reviews. Tony said: David Brower was an extreme conservationist. His ‘religion’ was wilderness. B. Encounters with the Archdruid describes three journeys McPhee made in the late s with David Brower, executive director of the Sierra Club at the time, and.

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The discussions themselves are interesting and thought-provoking; should we aspire to be conservationists, who manage land wisely and responsibly, or preservationists, who leave the land alone entirely? Very thought-provoking, and McPhee is an absolutely superb writer. Although it reads at times like one, there are points where you remember it’s non-fiction.

Encounters with the Archdruid

Perspectives on the Humanities at the Millennium. Arvhdruid 20, Matthew Ciarvella rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published October 1st by Farrar, Straus and Giroux first published His fervent devotion to encountets outdoors is nearly religious hence the book’s titlebut so heartfelt and understandable, given the irreplaceable natural wonders he’s fighting for, that by the end of the book I was practically cheering for him even though his antagonists were just as archddruid and compelling as he was.

I greatly enjoyed this book, and am quite sure I will be reading more of McPhee, likely a new favorite author. Brower unapologetically bends the facts, and is sometimes enccounters dishonest in his attempts to protect wilderness. Published in it describes three meetings in the wild that the then head of the Sierra Club, Dave Brower, the “archdruid” of the title, had with then prominent agents of development: The situation was marginal.

Then he would kick the dams apart and watch the floods that returned Strawberry Creek to its free- flowing natural state.

Jan 26, Jason Roth rated it really liked it. We get the best sense of Brower in the first part, on his hike with Charles Park, while he seems to melt more into the action in the second and third sections with developer Fraser and then the rafting trip with Floyd Dominy, and I think this elusiveness weakens McPhee’s portrait a bit.


Several months, a year, or two years later, you do it again.

However, respecting and maintaining our environment has become even more urgent and important. The Great Drought and the Great Depression had coincided, and the people of the county were destitute. Lists with This Book. Their livestock, with black tongues and protruding ribs, were dying because of lack of water. This is a book that I am teaching this semester–it’s been a number of years since I last taught it, and it was fun to rediscover how masterfully McPhee put the encountwrs together.

He did not associate lumber companies, motor companies, chemical companies, or mining companies with youth. Unlike Brower, who believes in the inherent value of large tracts of wilderness untouched by humans, each of his interlocutors firmly believes that the extraction of resources via industrial technique, the conversion of wilderness into real estate, and the mass re-engineering of nature by humans to be a moral good.

Someday we are encoounters to have to choose. Joined by a mineral expert Parka land developer Fraserand a the commissioner of the department of reclam John McPhee’s writing could weave a page story that you’d be hooked to from a blade of grass growing between a flower and a honey bee.

Favorite Quotes: John McPhee – Encounters with the Archdruid

In his rhetoric he often walks the line between conservation and preservation, often leaning more toward the latter note: The essential rules of engagement have changed mightily in the 47 years since this book was published.

I didn’t find this book about David Brower, president of the Sierra Club for years, to be one of McPhee’s better books. Reading McPhee was my journalism education. Nov 27, Kyle Muntz rated it really liked it.

Favorite Quotes: John McPhee – Encounters with the Archdruid – walkcheerfullyblog

The Struggle for Water: Human appetites, desires, ambitions, greeds, and profound aesthetic and acquisitional instincts were concentrated between the stone and our eyes.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The creativity at work here — pairing the late Sierra Club militant David Brower with a pro-copper mining scientist, a developer, McPhee might be the best nonfiction write alive. View all 3 comments. The founder and excommunicated leader of the Sierra Club, David Brower, is to me an uninspiring, mopey, and at times infuriating character.

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Even if and the near future look horrifically bleak for the environment, far more grim than anything Brower could have imaginaged in Amazing to see how far behind we are in the ‘s or how far ahead some were in the ‘s.

The Wall Street Journal.

Next, we meet Charles Frasier, who developed Sea Pines resort on Hilton Head island Frasier is, in fact, known as the father of the modern resort.

Regardless, this book is a gem. Plus, Cadillac Desert gives a fuller portrait of the most interesting character in McPhee’s book, the indomitable Dominy. He’s a die-hard environmentalist with a gift for PR who fights a never-ending battle against the government, developers, miners, and even humanity at large in his quest to keep as much of America as possible out of the reach of man forever, and McPhee — whose writing talent is truly impressive — allows Brower and his nemeses to explain themselves and their views on nature at length in flawless, crystalline prose.

The physical challenges necessitated cooperation. They were not hungry–they could shoot antelope and deer–but they were destitute.

This book is a time capsule for the environmentalist. Both are interesting, but this is not a novel.

And the conservationist, still intractable, says he does not want the mine, does not want the resort, does not want the dam; but if they must come, he concludes, then I would want atchdruid men to build them. Oct 28, Betsy rated it really liked it Shelves: Each time, McPhee is there with his wonderful ear.

Encounters with the Archdruid discussion. The magic of Glen Canyon is dead. While this may not be a book I would have picked up myself, I am glad my son-in-law, Ben, gave it to me to read. Open Preview See a Problem? He built the mountain right, after all. To find out more, including how to archdfuid cookies, see here: University of Nevada Press.

More to come when I have time.