Octavio Paz, who searches for the identity of the Mexican people in his study entitled El . In section IV, “Los Hijos de la Malinche,” Paz explains how the word . In this chapter, Octavio Paz discusses the fact that machismo is an offshoot of Mexican historical patterns. He relates . The symbol of this violation is doña Malinche, the mistress of Cortés. When we shout “¡Viva México, hijos de la chingada!. all Mexicans as hijos de puta (sons of raped women) or los Pachuco s and Key words: Identity, Mexico, Pachuco s, La Malinche, Octavio Paz, Gloria Anzaldúa.

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This phenomenon of a return to the maternal womb, so well known to the psychologist, is without doubt one of the determining causes of the swift popularity of the cult of the Virgin.

To the Spaniard, dishonor consists in being the son of a woman who voluntarily surrenders herself: It would not be difficult to perceive certain homosexual inclinations also, such as the use and abuse of the pistol, a phallic symbol which discharges death rather than life, and the fondness for exclusively masculine guilds. Its real meaning is no different from that of the verb chingar and its derivatives.

In the struggle which our will-to-be carries on against them, they are supported by a secret and powerful ally, our fear of being. Another, no less degrading, is the octqvio to personalities rather than to principles. Pazz, the worker is too recent, and he resembles his boss because they are both sons of the machine.


The fervor of the cult of God the Son would seem to be explained, at first glance, as an inheritance from the pre-Hispanic religions. Their reality is of a subtle and cruel order, because it is a phantasmagoric reality.


Vivir a solas, sin testigos. Ella encarna lo abierto, lo chingado, frente a nuestros indios, estoicos, impasibles y cerrados. And yet she is the cruel incarnation of the feminine condition. The exception is that the heroic cycle does not end with his death: This is the reason he is lacking in mystery, in strangeness. Adolescents, when they want to appear like men, speak them in a hoarse voice. As the intellectual gets more involved with the political environment, his arguments can often become influenced by other factors such as political motivation and pressure to conform.

It probably comes from the Aztecs: The word also has another, more restricted meaning.

Slaves, servants and submerged races always wear a mask, whether smiling or sullen. Palabras que no dicen nada y dicen todo. It is no doubt a legacy from Romanticism that makes the hero an antisocial being.

This explains the success of the contemptuous adjective malinchista recently put into circulation by the newspapers to denounce all those who have been corrupted by foreign influences. In addition, the Virgin the universal Mother, is also the intermediary, the messenger, between disinherited man and the unknown, inscrutable power: El terror se generaliza: We, however, struggle with malindhe entities, with vestiges of the past or self-engendered phantasms. One word sums up the aggressiveness, insensitivity, invulnerability and other attributes of the macho: The Chingada is even more passive.

Manuel Cabrera points out that the Spanish attitude reflects a moral and historical conception of original sin, while that of the Mexican, deeper and more genuine, transcends both ethics and anecdotes.

He is power isolated in its own potency, without relationship or compromise with the outside world. Who is the Chingada? At the outset, a part of society regards the extermination of other groups with indifference, or even contributes to their persecution, because it is corrupted by internal hatreds.


After some editions included the essay “Post data”, which discusses the massacre of hundreds of Mexican students in ma,inche It is not difficult to understand the origins of this attitude toward us. Distant, vague and indeterminate.

Even his octsvio with a woman fits the archetype of the young hero, at one and the same time the lover and the son of the goddess. We must confront them ourselves. It is no secret to anyone that Mexican Catholicism is centered about the cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The pleasure that many Spaniards, including some of their greatest octavoo, derive from allusions to body wastes, and from mixing excrement with sacred matters, is reminiscent of children playing with mud.

The magic power of the word is intensified by the fact that it is prohibited. In lieu of a closer examination of the problem, we will suggest that the liberal Reform movement of the middle of the last century seems to be the moment when the Mexican decided to break with his traditions, which is a form of breaking with oneself.


It is the cause of his transparency, which is no different from that of any other instrument. He relates its origins to the Conquest by the Spaniard and the submission of Indian women, represented by Malinche. Confusamente reflejan nuestra intimidad: But in this plurality of meanings the ultimate meaning always contains the idea of aggression, whether it is ictavio simple act of molesting, pricking or censuring, or the violent octavil of wounding or killing.