This photo shows a variety of silencers recovered by Canadian law enforcement officials. They are cutaway so that the serious scholar of silencerology can study . The Hayduke Silencer Book has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. Learn how to make firearm silencers from common items found around the house. George Hayduke. Wed, 17 Oct GMT the hayduke silencer book by pdf – THE. HAYDUKE SILENCER. BOOK This silencer is from a ChiCom Type 64 submachine.

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As I’ve written, these designs really work.

Make it snug so the silencer is mounted firmly. A ruler, a metal marking punch, and scissors round out the list. Thanks for telling us about the problem. One of the earliest improvised silencer designs was the 2-liter plastic bottle, usually filled with stuffers or liquid. Illustrations courtesy of Tracy Barnes You can also simply eliminate a front sight. A siilencer silencer alters and reduces the very loud sound of a firearm’s discharge.

Although almost anyone can make a simple pipe silencer, I like the design by Lisa Flema, the scourge of the Hotel. That’s why I want to make this final plea about how to obey all federal, state, and local laws regarding silencers.

So obey those great laws out there, folks. The only technical additions I’m imposing on you here are ported barrels to bleed off explosive gases and some metal baffles to form expansion chambers to trap and quiet the exploding gases.

Do not tell them why you want this type of ammo. As the gentle and wise precinct roll-call sergeant on “Hill Street Blues” used to say, “Let’s be careful out there. This will hold the silencer on the weapon. In simple terms, they allow a firearm to discharge much more quietly than the blast normally associated with a gun- shot.

The Hayduke Silencer Book by George Hayduke

Both the original and John’s sugges- tion work well. The term “law” In this statute includes Federal laws as well as State statutes and local ordinances applicable to the locality where the transferee resides.


About five or six wraps ought to make the entire silencer unit fairly A bit of tape, two rolls boo screening, and some other odds and ends will give you an effective homemade silencer. That’s right; your kitchen table, hand tools, hard- ware store supplies, and my real ly-easy-to-fol low instructions, complete with illustrations.

Failure to supply complete information will delay processing and may cause denial of the application. But do your work carefully and safely. In any case, be sure to tape the end of the barrel so the screening doesn’t scratch it.

The first step is to prepare the gun barrel to take the silencer. Patrick Workman rated it it was amazing Nov 01, Holding the gun so that the end of the PVC pipe is pointing upward, place the other tennis balls on top of the first one, one after the other.

Use an ap- propriately sized saw to make the block round, then put a hole through it equal to the outside diameter of the tube and slide it over the barrel.

Common caution suggests that you spread your purchases over several stores hte avoid suspicion. The damn can must have been two feet long and thick as a baseball bat. Charged by Information or under indictment in any court for a crime punishable by Imprisonment ‘ x a term exceeding one year? The detailed instructions will aid the serious student of silencer design greatly.

Photo courtesy of J. You can use a tape roll, a cardboard adapter with the same inside diameter as the tube, or you can create an adapter from a block of wood. Use two or three layers of duct or electrician’s tape to completely cover the rubber plug and copper wrap- ping.

Get the endorse- ment signature of your favorite local law-enforcement official. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He’s also one hell of a good shot. Cross the open end of the PVC pipe with heavy duct tape in an X pattern, but do not completely silenver the opening. Insert this screening roll into the smaller tube.

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Learn how to make firearm silencers from common items found around the house. The straight world uses silencers so as to not disturb the neighbors while target shooting, or to muffle that muzzle blast to make shooting more peaceful and civilized.

Silecner a pencil or. That’s why they’re ‘cal led illegal silencers, you see. Simply stated, a silencer muf- fles a firearm’s report. If silenccer has specific dlls ga ted authority to sign on behalf of the Chief of Police, Sheriff, etc. Paperback80 pages. And start buying your soft drinks in the 2-liter plastic bottles.

The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF

What you get in this book is how to build a working silencer at your kitchen table in less than an evening’s time, using only common hand tools and easily available, inexpensive materials. Obviously, ask someone you know and who knows you; it’s easier that way.

The tube for the silencer has to fit snugly, and very snugly at that, over the bushing. Enter the world of muffled mayhem with these simple, effective and legal silencer designs. The screen end of the smaller tube should butt against the final section of plugs and washers in the larger tube. He says to start one at the muzzle and the second about an inch and a half back from that.

Disclosure of this information by the applicant is mandatory for transfer of an NFA firearm, unless the transfer is otherwise exempt from tax.