VDI (Society of German Engineers) submitted a new version for pressure release of dust explosions in November which will replace the June edition. The VDI Guideline “Pressure Release of Dust Explosions ” published in. June [l] describes one of the possible constructional protective measures. 1 Apr Does anyone have the english version of VDI standard and / or the NFPA I would compare the results of two calculations Tks in.

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A dust explosion involving a non-toxic dust like polyethylene would not result in a major accident as defined in the regulations, unless it also led to loss of containment of a COMAH substance. Explosion relief This Technical Measures Document refers to the explosion relief measures vdi 3673 can be adopted in plant design to ensure safe operation.

Explosions are rapid events and vdi 3673 Explosions are rapid events and consequently:.

VDI-Standard: VDI 3673 Pressure release of dust explosions

vdi 3673 K ST vdi 3673 defined as the maximum rate of pressure rise measured in a 367 vessel, it is usually calculated from measurements in smaller test apparatus. If an explosion that starts at one location inside a plant causes the explosive mixture ahead of the flame front to be compressed, much higher ultimate pressures can result.

A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size. A European harmonised standard for solvent evaporating ovens prefers alternative precautions for many vdi 3673, but in the dust handling industries explosion relief remains a vdo used mitigation measure.

Dust explosions especially in powder transfer and dryers A dust explosion can take place only if a number vdi 3673 conditions are simultaneously satisfied: In extreme cases, explosion flames can accelerate to detonation, generating vdi 3673 high pressures and explosion relief is unlikely to be a suitable method of protection in this case.


Health and Safety Executive. The dust itself, or mechanical moving parts in contact with the dust often create ignition risks that cannot be eliminated completely. Protective devices have to work very rapidly; Much larger sizes of vent panels or doors are needed in order to work successfully and Duct work downstream from the relief panel needs careful design to avoid throttling the flow and preventing the relief acting fast enough; Historically, explosion relief has been used as a mitigation measure in three main types of plant: Vdi 3673 of fires and explosions in dryers, Abbott, J.

Safety requirements, British Standards Institution. The assessment is specifically concerned with the physical properties of the products, and possible by-products. Basic input data required is the strength of the process equipment, the equipment volume, KST and P max figures for the dust itself, and the opening pressure of the vent panel or door.

Relief points from explosion protection vdi 3673 should normally be located outside the building containing the plant, but certainly not in the vicinity of regularly occupied areas vdi 3673 plant that would be easily damaged. Vdi 3673 are unlikely to present safety cases drawing on this work in the immediate future, but it can be used to check predictions, and if they vary sharply from the content of a safety report, Operators could be asked to reconsider the implications.

If products show properties that indicate they can explode in the solid phase i. Vdi 3673 provides many cross-references to other sources of information, but some of these are obsolete, and the whole document is about to be rewritten.

In assessing the risks from an explosion, Operators should consider flame propagation, pressure effects, recoil forces and the materials that would be released. vdi 3673


A dust explosion can take place only if a number of conditions are simultaneously satisfied:. Dust may be grouped into dust explosion classes as determined using vdi 3673 test apparatus. An explosion of gas or vapour will release hot combustion products, but continuing burning is only likely if there is a continuing source of release, perhaps because nearby pipework has been damaged. This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user vdi 3673.

Hazards that merit consideration include:. The operator should have shown due consideration of these hazards and taken appropriate measures to provide pressure relief. Hazards from exothermic reactions occur in the event of thermal runaway of the reaction mixture vdi 3673 which the rate of generation of heat is greater than the available cooling capacity of the system.

Unstable substances When unstable substances are in use, the operator should demonstrate that at the research stage vdi 3673 the product a systematic approach to the identification of hazards relating to the nature of the materials has been followed. The material released from an explosion relief vent typically vdi 3673 quantities of the original, unburnt substance in addition to combustion products.

Normally the following options should be considered to prevent an explosion inside the plant: Measures to prevent major accidents should address all potential initiators.

Pressure release of dust explosions | VDI

Influential and widely used. A secondary explosion or continuing fire is much more likely. Vdi 3673 liquids and gases: This asks for a lightweight roof for HFL stores.